How to Not Nut So Fast

If there is something that really bugs most men, it’s cumming too quick.

You’ve probably experienced a situation like this where you’ve brought home a fine looking woman and you are sure you will tap this all night.

You get into your apartment horny as shit, you don’t even bother to put on a condom, bend her over on the kitchen counter and start giving it to her.

One minute into the job and you already feel like you are about to bust a nut. You try to hold it in for longer but less than 20 seconds later your load comes knocking at the door. And bam! You spray it all over her.

She turns back, looks at you and yells, “Seriously? Two minutes is all you got?” She pulls up her dress and slips away disgruntled.

Do You Bust a Nut SO Fast?

Premature ejaculation is a condition that affects more than 30% of men and the remaining 70% have experienced it at least once. It can be caused by various factors such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure or diabetes.

how to not bust a nut so fast
9 out of 10 Men Ejaculate Within A Minute

Here’s What You Can Do Not to Nut So Fast

Everyone has a way of coping with different challenges and premature ejaculation is no different.

There are a lot of home-made remedies that range from masturbation before sex, using thicker condoms and frequent sex.

Short Term Fix?

If you are looking for a quick fix, try stamina condoms such as Durex Performax which have a special lube that numbs your penis.

1. Behavioral Strategies

It involves pausing for a few seconds while having sex and allowing your body to cool off before you can continue.

However, this will only be effective if you know how to time it right. You’ve to understand how your body works and signs of excitement. A second too late and you will have shot your load.

You can also change the rhythm or slow down to reduce arousal to about 4/10. At this point you can resume stimulation and when you reach peak stimulation repeat the above process until you are ready to ejaculate.

2. Lots of Foreplay

Foreplay is king.

Most women love a man who knows how to work her body even without penetrating.

How will foreplay help me not to nut so fast?

Increasing the time spent on foreplay will lower your sexual excitement and it increases your chances of making your girl achieve an orgasm. That’s a win-win situation. Everybody gets what they want.

The idea of skipping foreplay and heading straight to sex elicits a lot of mental stimulation. This increases the chances of premature ejaculation.

Spend a little bit longer exploring her body and by the time you are penetrating her, your excitement will have reduced.  

Plus, Women Dig Foreplay

Most women love foreplay, it turns them on, makes them dripping wet and helps them orgasm.

If she achieves an orgasm before you do, she won’t even remember if you came quick or not, as long as she got what she wanted.

Use your tongue to explore her body and get her toes curling, asking for more. By the time you are having sex, she will be close to the edge such that a few strokes will be enough to achieve an orgasm.

3. Use the Squeeze Technique

Next time you are about to bust a nut prematurely, try squeezing your penis between the glans and the shaft for 30 seconds.

Allow the sensation to subside, stimulate your penis and continue giving her world-class strokes.

This method is very effective, however, it affects your erection. A little stimulation should fix that problem. Repeat this process for about 4-5 times until you can’t hold it any longer.

This method might work but it needs both partners to agree on doing it. You can teach your partner how to execute the squeeze technique so that he/she feels involved.

It takes a lot of time and patience to master this technique. It also disrupts sexual activity which can be very frustrating even for an understanding partner.

Continue performing this technique until you are able to delay ejaculation without squeezing your penis.

4. Masturbation (Jacking off Before Sex)

Masturbation has worked for many men why shouldn’t it work for you?

Beat your meat at least 2 hours before sex. By the time you are having sex with your partner, you will not be as sensitive to stimulation.

Masturbation before sex will help reduce the build-up of ‘sexual drive’.

However, masturbation is not recommended for everyone. Some men can only ejaculate once in a day while others are unable to perform with a high sexual drive after masturbating.

It is only recommended for men who haven’t cum in a long time. Masturbation will help reduce some of that build-up and make it easy for you to perform for a little bit longer.

5. Switch Positions

Don’t remain in one position for too long, try changing the positions every time you are about to bust a nut.

Some sex positions are so good you can’t help but cum fast. Avoid these positions until you are sure you have ‘over delivered’ and want to cum.

Begin with a position that isn’t too sensitive for you and as you change positions you get a few seconds to catch your breath.

6. Use PC Muscles to Last Longer

You can control the intensity and frequency of your orgasms by flexing your PC muscle.

This means you can stop your ejaculation by working on your pc muscle and learning how to control it. The best way to do this is by using Kegel exercises.

  • Locate the muscle- when peeing try and stop the pee mid flow. The muscle that you used to stop the flow is the same muscle you will use to stop you from ejaculating. It is the same kind of flexing that makes your erect penis move up and down.
  • Flex the PC muscle every day for 10 minutes- training the pc muscle to work to your advantage takes time and patience. Start by flexing your muscle and holding it for 5 seconds then release. Keep doing this every day for 10 minutes.

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