Self Prostate Massage- The Ultimate Guide

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Most men find it a bit difficult to do a self-prostate massage to get to an orgasm.

A prostate sex toy is an easy way to do prostate massage. A male sex toy makes it a lot easier to get good stimulation on the male g spot or prostate. The best sex toy I have used for self-prostate massage is the Aneros.

The bit advantage to this sex toy is that it allows hands-free stimulation to the male g spot or prostate gland. Ones anal muscles actually move the toy across your prostate gland.

This makes for intense male g spot orgasm that goes on and on. Usually, they are much more powerful compared to a normal ejaculation orgasm.

Tips for Self Prostate Massage Orgasms

Men, discover how you can massage your prostate using your fingers for self-prostate massage orgasms.

prostate massage pic

prostate massage pic

The following is my personal guide to this mind-blowing method for prostate orgasms.

Prostate massage is thought to help men avoid prostate problems, but hey it feels so good too.

If you have issues about anal play, remember that shit is usually stored high up in the rectum than the prostate. One can use a water enema if this is a big problem for you.

I personally find it easier to use my thumb to locate and massage the prostate.

It is important to relax the anal muscles before trying this massage. It can take a bit of practice to learn to really relax this area.

I find if I do this massage twice a week it is easier to keep my anus in a more relaxed state.

Also, use plenty of lubrication. More than less is the way to go. Lube, lube and more lube.

One trick I found is to use an enema tube connected to my lubrication bottle to inject the lubrication deeper in the anus.

Another suggestion is to first try this massage in the bath. This allows your body to relax more from the heat.

Use your fingers to push on the sides of the anal opening. I spend some time doing this so I am totally relaxed for the self-prostate massage.

I push at 12 o’clock then 1 o’clock etc to really relax the anus using my finger or thumb.

male butt plugs

male butt plugs

Using different sizes of but plugs is another good tip to use after the finger massage. First, start with a small size and build up to the largest size.

More on anal butt plugs here. I recommend to use silicone sex toys as they feel much nicer than plastic and last forever too.

They might cost a bit more, but hey, your anus and your pleasure deserve the best tools!

Once you are relaxed then slowly slide your thumb or finger inside he anus. The prostate is on the upper wall of the anus about 2 inches in.

You can find it by the intense sensations when it is touched. One can use a bit of pressure on the prostate.

Now really relax into this sensations and you might find you enter into self prostate massage orgasms.

Breathe and relax seems to be the keys. Another key is to make sounds of pleasure deep from your belly.

When I do the above, I enter into prostate orgasm with no ejaculation.

One can combine penis massage with the prostate massage for more stimulation.

The best way of exploring prostate orgasms is to get an aneros massage device.

aneros male sex toy

aneros male sex toy

For more see this great sex toy see the Aneros site. They had a great forum in the use of the aneros for self prostate massage orgasms.

This Toy Is Amazing!

The advantage of this sexy sex toy is that it allows hands free massage of the prostate. One can relax more and really enjoy the prostate massage.

I also use this tool in lovemaking when using man on top positions.

I hope you really enjoy exploring self massage prostate orgasms.

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