Voice Deepening Pills: Are There Pills to Make Voice Deeper

We communicate every day with our voices and it’s logical that some of us might desire a deeper voice.

Our everyday thoughts and feelings are expressed through different means one of which is speech.

The combination of lungs, voice box and vocal cords mold vocal tones into recognizable/decodable sounds.

The tone of a person determines how well his/her communication is decoded.

For example, listening to iconic voices such as James Erl Jones (Lion King) or Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) is orgasmic, I could listen to these guys all day.

Who wouldn’t want to have a voice like Peter Cullen’s? Every time you speak or give a speech everyone shuts ups and marvels at your glory.

Do Women Dig Deeper Voices?

Yes. Women consider deep voices to be manly and more attractive.

Men with deeper voices are authoritative and more confident than their high-pitched counterparts.

With all the attention that deep-voiced men get, everyone now wants to deepen their voice. However, voices are natural occurring and there is very little you can do to change your voice.

Deeper voices such as Peter Cullen’s are associated with long and thick vocal cords. The longer and thicker your vocal cords are the deeper your voice will be.

This means that if you want to deepen your voice you’ll have to increase the length and thickness of your vocal cords. Sound easy, right?

How to Make Your Voice Deeper

Well, it is not that easy unless you can time travel, which I’m guessing you can’t.

You only get one shot to develop a deeper voice and it is during puberty.

Puberty is always rough for most boys as they experience all these changes with the most embarrassing one being voice cracking.

Do you remember how that felt? Especially if you were the first among your peers to experience voice cracking.

Voice cracking was a result of increased levels of testosterone during puberty which triggered the thickening and lengthening of the vocal cords.

Since the amounts of testosterone varied the boys experienced different changes. Some grew thicker and longer cords while others retained their short and relatively thin vocal cords.

The boys who gained thicker cords ended up with deep natural voices. They also became a magnet for women since men with deeper voices were considered to be stronger and more virile.

1. Practice Speaking in a Lower Guttural Voice

There are several ways to get a deeper voice and the most common involves lowering the voice by projecting it from the lower parts of the throat.

It actually works but the problem is that the voice is hardly audible.

Also, consistent use of this trick does more harm than good. The more you project your voice from the lower parts of your throat the more you damage your vocal cords.

If you consistently do this, you’ll be exposing your vocal cords to wear and tear which often results in a hoarse voice.

2. Consider Voice Deepening Pills

The best way to deepen your voice without damaging your vocal cords is through the use of voice deepening pills/ medication/supplements.

Long and thick vocal cords are a result of increased levels of testosterone thus men opt to take testosterone supplements in hope that they will deepen their voices.

None of the supplements have proven results that show they aid in deepening men’s voices.

Vita Vocals & Voice Enhancer

The remaining option is to use deepening pills such as Vita Vocals & Voice Enhancer, which are all natural and have been formulated after years of research to find the perfect formula.

The said formula is a product of Vita vocal health, a company that specializes in green healing. They are driven by the need to create products that cure voice and throat related ailments. It has taken them years of studying, research, observing and experimenting to make the best product for deepening voices.

Vita Vocals & Voice Enhancers is popular among singers due to the damage caused to their vocals after years of straining the vocal cords.

Initially, this supplement was developed to help alleviate and relieve symptoms of vocal cords damage. They also repair vocal cord strain. 5 years of research, testing and experimentation has resulted in such an amazing formula.

Benefits of using Vita Vocals Voice Deepening Pills

  • Throat & Voice Enhancer contains a powerful blend of vitamins and natural herbs. It was formulated for the sole purpose of enhancing the voices of professionals such as singers, broadcasters, actors, educators and public speakers. It softens the vocal cords, improves vocal cord closure and decreases swelling.
  • Strengthens and protects your voice during continued use. If you have ever tried shouting all night long during a concert or a party you are likely to have developed a hoarse voice after straining your voice all night. This supplement helps strengthen your cords and protect them in case you run into such situations.
  • Voice Deepening. Perhaps the most sought after benefit, a deeper voice is every man’s dream. Vita Vocals are said to deepen your resonance, improve your timbre and broaden your range. It might not give you the deepest voice but it is certainly the closest you’ll ever get to such a voice without surgery.
  • It’s fast acting. You will notice a difference in your voice within days of taking the supplements. It also improves your voice regardless of whether your voice was perfectly healthy.

Other ways of deepening your voice include the use of cross-sex hormone therapy. It’s commonly used during gender transition and it results in voice masculinization by increasing the length and thickness of the vocal cords thus lowering your pitch.

The lower pitch might not be enough to help you identify as a male speaker thus you will require the services of a voice pathologist to aid with the voice training.

A voice pathologist will help you access your altered pitch range and habituate your new pitch into your everyday speech. The end result is a deep masculine voice.

Although we all want deeper voices be sure not to overdo it. A deep voice is sexy but you should remember that your primary concern is communicating.

Therefore, try to maintain a balance between understandability and a deep voice. Instead of focusing on making your voice deep, focus your energy in developing your natural voice to its full potential.  

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